the zero budget game marketing manual

Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual

SUPERSTRING, a micro-studio dedicated to exploring new avenues of narrative games, has today released The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual, a resource for indie developers to help demystify the marketing process, offering brand, PR & community strategies on a shoestring.

Written off the back of twelve years’ experience in both AAA game publishing and independent development, the eBook covers the basics of digital marketing, through game positioning and competitor analysis, branding and assets, store-pages, channel-building, PR, influencer strategies and more.

In addition to advice and strategies from the frontlines of marketing, The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual brings together advice from industry veterans and celebrated writers, including Thomas Reisenegger (Future Friends Games), Hannah Flynn (Failbetter Games), Guy Cocker (CNET UK, GameSpot UK, and Stuff Magazine), Gav Murphy (RKG) and Wesley Yin-Poole (Eurogamer).

No Budget? No Problem

This comprehensive manual – and accompanying materials – shows indie-developers how to get their games the attention they deserve with practical, actionable advice – all through a no-budget lens.

The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual is available now in MOBI and ePUB formats, fully-optimized for Amazon KindleApple Books, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, amongst others. Download today from Superstring directlyGumroadAmazon, or

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