Your First Game Jam hosted by Mike Geig with Soaryn and Roman Papush

Thanks for joining the #YourFirstGameJam livestream where we showed all you beginners out there how to get started with Unity using our beginner-friendly Karting Microgame and Mods — with the help of your suggestions in the chat, we customized this wild, nearly unbeatable game together:
Want to try creating your own version? You can find the Karting Mods here: then follow along with this recorded version of the livestream. If you need help downloading Unity or the Karting Microgame, go here:

Need 4 Kart II Challenge:
Calling all you beginners! On May 4th, we’ll open a special challenge for you to show us how you’ve modded your Karting Microgame. You have from May 4 until May 26 to submit your customized microgame to the Need 4 Kart II Challenge for a chance to be crowned a winner and be featured in the showcase alongside other people who have just started creating in Unity. Get the deets:
For inspiration, check out the winners and honorable mentions from the first Need 4 Kart I Challenge:

Keep sharing your Karting creations with us on social: tweet or post on Instagram using the hashtag #yourfirstgamejam and tag Unity to let us know you’re watching. Tag @unity3d on Twitter or @UnityTechnologies on Instagram using the hashtag #yourfirstgamejam. Want to tag the hosts? Find us on Twitter:
Plus Unity Evangelists Alexandre Kikuchi and @avashly who connected with so many of you in the live chat

Join the Karting Creators group. This is a fantastic community to join where you can ask questions and share your progress with your peers who are also modding the Karting Microgame:

Want to play the games that the hosts made?
Play Mike’s game:
Play Roman’s game:
Play the game we modded during this stream:

Q: Do I need any Unity or programming experience to follow along?
A: Nope! This jam is for people who are new to Unity. (Although we do sneak some coding in to keep you on your toes.)

Q: What system requirements are there to install Unity?

Q: What is a game jam?
A: This game jam is unique because it’s hosted online, it’s for beginners, we’re using a game template, it’s short, and we (pretty much) know what we’re going to show you. A *traditional* game jam is an in-person event where you would typically gather with more experienced programmers, game designers, artists, etc., to create a game or project from scratch in about 24-72 hours.

Q: What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
A: If you have other questions, reach out to us in the Karting Creators Group:

Q: Who hosted the jam?
Mike Geig:
Roman Papush:

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