Your First Game Jam hosted by Andre (Mix and Jam) with Code Monkey and CouchFerret

Thanks for joining the #YourFirstGameJam livestream where we showed new users how to get started with Unity using our beginner-friendly FPS Microgame and Mods. You can get the Microgame here:, then follow along with the recorded version of the livestream. If you need help downloading Unity or the FPS Microgame, go here:

Keep sharing your FPS creations with us on social using the hashtag #yourfirstgamejam and tag Unity to let us know about it: @unity3d on Twitter | @UnityTechnologies on Instagram. Want to tag the hosts? On Twitter they’re: @andre_mc @UnityCodeMonkey @couchferret @elenaunity3d + @LixianTV

Join the FPS Creators group. This is a fantastic community to join where you can ask questions and share your progress with your peers who are also modding the FPS Microgame.

Want to play the games that the hosts made?
CouchFerret’s Slick FPS:
Code Monkey’s Awesome FPS Game:
André / Mix and Jam’s FrostPS:

Q: Do I need any Unity or programming experience to follow along?
A: Nope! This jam is for people who are new to Unity.

Q: What system requirements are there to install Unity?

Q: How long is the jam?
A: We’ll be jamming for about three hours. Of course, you’re free to pop in and out, and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s easy for people to do so. That way, when you come back you can just jump right back in with us.

Q: Will it be recorded?
A: Yes. The full recording will be published on YouTube within an hour after the stream ends.

Q: What is a game jam?
A: This game jam is unique because it’s hosted online, it’s for beginners, we’re using a game template, it’s short, and we (pretty much) know what we’re going to show you. A *traditional* game jam is an in-person event where you would typically gather with more experienced programmers, game designers, artists, etc., to create a game or project from scratch in about 24-72 hours.

Q: What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
A: If you have other questions leading up to the event, reach out to us in the FPS Creators Group:

Q: Who is hosting the jam?
A: André from Mix and Jam:
Code Monkey:
+Unity expert LixianTV is joining as a community chatter:

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