YGD to Join Oak Hill Collaborative

Youngstown Game Developers Joins Oak Hill Collaborative!


Youngstown Game Developers Joins Oak Hill Collaborative!

YGD is going to start having monthly meetups on Tuesdays at the Oak Hill Collaborative. We are coordinating our meetup to be a collaboration with other like-minded groups so that our groups can work together and learn from each other. Who knows.. maybe we will create the next video game entertainment device!

The starting date is still TBD, but will be posted on our Meetup Page, and announced on YGD’s website as well. So, become our meetup member and sign up for our email list to keep up to date with Youngstown Game Developers and the awesome things we will be doing!

Check out Oak Hill and what they have to offer for the Youngstown Community!

Besides allowing us to use their space, Oak Hill Collaborative is a great help to our Youngstown and Tri-County community. They are working on the Youngstown-Mahoning County Broadband Initiative, which helps to figure areas that need access to the internet and or better internet.oak hill collaborativeOHM_CMYK_HR-01Oak Hill is an amazing non-profit looking to help rejuvenate Youngstown into the amazing city it has the potential to be. YGD is super excited to be allowed to use their facilities.

Thanks, Oak Hill Collaborative!



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