World of Tanks – Official Soundtrack: Mountain Pass

World of Tanks – Official Soundtrack: Mountain Pass

The composition is based on traditional melodies of Caucasus. It is a song of a solider, accompanied with the sounds of battle heard from a distance. In the middle of the track, the soldier’s thoughts drift from war. He wants to dance the lezghinka. Still, the music offers no reprieve. The battle is approaching, and there is no escape.


0:00 Andrius Klimka – Mountain Pass (Intro)
1:07 Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka and Vyacheslav Skadorva – Mountain Pass (Battle)
Composed by Andrius Klimka, Andrey Kulik, Vyacheslav Skadorva
Post-production – Sergey Komar
Music supervisor – Aleksey Tomanov
Copyright © 2018



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