WindUp Trailer: Animated short created with Unity

Get a sneak peek of Unity’s newest animated short, Windup. Windup highlights the fragile nature of life, love, and what it means to never give up.

This film is created in real-time in out-of-the-box Unity 2019.2, the animators used regular desktops that most CG artists have at home. The result was achieved, by setting strict rules about poly-count, as well as what features they could afford to use. Such as using pixel displacement instead of tessellation shader; using joints animation instead of animation caches. We can’t wait to share the full video with you later this year!

For more information on the ways Unity can help you achieve your animation goals, head over to

Directed by: Yibing Jiang
Producers: Aleksander Karshikoff, Silvia Rasheva
Executive Producer: Junbo Zhang

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