Why Character Design and Animation Is Important When Developing Your Game

Why is Character Design and Animation an Important Aspect in Game Development?


Video games are a rapidly evolving and developing art form that relies heavily on both character design and animation. The current generation of video games boasts animation that is both detailed and interactive. Combined with sophisticated character design there’s no doubt that we can identify both character design and animation as extremely important in your gaming development.

You’ll employ your animation services in the process of both character design and game animation. Here we’ll look at several of the ways your animation services will collaborate with the other members of your team in the development of your game.

The Importance of Character Development

Your characters are at the heart of your game. Every successful game development has successful character development at the heart. Your character design starts with this character development. Your team’s priorities must revolve around determining what your character’s story is about, and how they’ll interact with the player to achieve the goals of the game. While this process may require a lot of upfront work with the different parts of your team, it’s an essential first step.

Kendra Corpier, of Eimear Studios, writes a character concept tutorial post.

Closely related to your character’s story arc and personality is the physical character design. Your game developers have worked out specific traits — physical, emotional, and behavioral – that truly create your character. These ideas must be put into a concrete form by your animation services. It’s common to employ a large variety of concept sketches as the character design is fleshed out. Once these are agreed upon, your animation services can begin the process of taking these static concepts and overlay a unique personality, reflected in the movement and actions of the character.dreamstime_m_60864443

Animation Creates the World of Your Game

Even the game environment depends upon animation. Whether your game is set in a gritty urban battlefield or a fantastic fantasy futurescape, the quality of the animation is crucial to creating the immersive and engrossing environment you’re striving for in your game development.  Creating this environment requires several important steps. Your first will be to work with your concept artists and animation services to develop preliminary sketches of all the different aspects of the game’s environment. This will include the made environment, such as buildings, streets, vehicles, and more. Next, you’ll tackle the natural environment with your artists and animation services. The balance of each in your game’s environment will vary, depending on the design and theme of the game.

Once you’ve determined the style and look of the game’s environment, you’ll be able to assign animation services to create them. Your planning and design work will let you know which elements are in the foreground and require a more detailed, high-poly approach, and which don’t require quite as much detail. This is often a situation in which you can use outsource animation services to handle these tasks, freeing up your in-house talent to work on high-priority elements of the game animation.

They Both Work Together

Without animation and characters, creating an engaging, immersive, and interesting video game simply wouldn’t be possible. Many of the elements that come into play in creating a game – design concepts, character designs, realistic motion, color palates and more are vital parts in the creation and subsequent success of a video game. The trends are clear, with video games increasing in realism and complexity every year. By understanding how animation and character design work together in the game environment you create, you’ll step off on the right foot in the creation of a successful game.

This is a guest post by Helen from Video Caddy.

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