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What You Want for GDEX 2020?

Multivarious Games is taking surveys for the 2020 GDEx (Game Developer Expo). Every year it is held in Columbus, OH and this year, with COVID-19 being an issue, they would like to hear from you about what you want to do.

The Email Request:

Let us know what you want for GDEX 2020!

As many of you have seen on our social channels, we’re asking for feedback from our community on GDEX 2020.

We’re living in weird times for sure. Your comfort and safety are the most important factors for what GDEX will look like this year.

If you have 5 minutes, please fill out our survey. We want to know what you want, need, and envision for GDEX 2020. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Thanks a ton.

You can take the survey, here.

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