Webinar Tomorrow: Houdini Pyro

Webinar for Houdini Pyro

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Houdini Pyro is part of the Houdini software that SideFX offers. In about 24 hours, Jeff “Old School” Wagner takes you through intermediate-level tips and tricks in Houdini Pyro.

houdini fire


    • Building Pyro networks inside a single object
    • OpenCL vs CPU Pyro sims
    • Pyro Viewport Visualizers in Pyro and Shader issues
    • Clustered Pyro Simuations for trails
    • Dealing with very fast things
    • SideFX Intern Example: Fire Nozzle



The Webinar will be held online on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. The time will be from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT.

Registration is Free! Sign up here.

See You There

So, it’s basically a free tutorial for you to learn how to use a little bit of Houdini. And if you haven’t used Houdini, this will be your chance to get to know the software. Who knows; maybe it’s just what you’ve been waiting for to finish your game!

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