Water Splashes on the Cheap (FLIP-Free) | Nikolay Skolkov | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

When you are pressed for time and you have to simulate water for a crowd of drowning survivors, you have to find a way to provide each survivor with their own unique splash. Sometimes when you don’t have the luxury of R&D iterations, you must consider cheaper but still effective solutions. In my case, the only solution for that was particles! I’m going to tell you how POPs saved the time for me.

Nikolay Skolkov has been creating visual content for many years, starting out with web graphics, flash scripting and animations and then moving over to 3D via architectural modeling. Nowadays, Nikolay spends his waking work hours at Wargaming in creating visual effects required on any given project, which encompasses many different areas. Most notably, this includes destruction, explosions, cloth simulations and FLIP fluids. Nikolay is based out of Minsk, Belarus and he will always have his node shapes as bricks, as he hates the custom shapes.

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