VRX Europe 2018 Details

VRX Europe 2018 in Amsterdam

VRX Europe 2018 will be held on 17th & 18th of May in Amsterdam.

VRX Europe 2018 speakers

Who Will Be Speaking

  • The Mill

    Alistair Thompson

    International EVP

  • GSK

    Chimeren Peerhai

    Global Digital Project Mangement Lead

  • Jaunt

    David Bomphrey

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Sky

    Kim-Leigh Ponton

    Creative Interaction Director

  • Audi

    Marcus Kühne

    Strategy Lead, Immersive Technologies

  • Fast Travel Games

    Oskar Burman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • BBC

    Tom Burton

    Head of Interactive & VR

  • Rovio Entertainment

    Wilhelm Taht

    Executive Vice President, Gaming

  • ..and more!

What’s the Conversation

VRX Brings Together the Brightest Minds in Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech

  • Succeed in the Current Immersive Tech Market: Keep up to date in this fast-moving industry and find out how to capitalize on the right opportunities as consumer and business leader awareness increases
  • Understand the Commercials: Explore the business models, distribution channels and content types that will propel VR & AR forward and position your business to grow as the market takes off
  • Discover the Real-World Applications: Find out what pioneering studios, agencies, and enterprises are doing right now – get insight on what works and what doesn’t to create compelling, immersive and intuitive experiences
  • Explore VR as the Newest Storytelling Medium: Hear how immersive tech is revolutionizing film and broadcast media by disrupting the way content is created, delivered and experienced
  • Experience the Best Content and Applications: Get inside of the most innovative minds in VR game and experience creation, understand their thought processes and try first-hand the best experiences on the latest devices
  • Create Valuable Partnerships: Reach out to the fastest growing and most influential players in the VR industry – from start-ups and independents to multinational companies and global tech juggernauts they will be in attendance at VRX Europe 2018

Distribution and Monetization to Discoverability

Position Your Business at the Forefront of the Immersive Tech Revolution

  • With the new wave of untethered HMD’s, ARkit and ARcore making immersive creation a possibility for all, and enterprise applications being applied companywide, businesses are preparing for mass adoption. Big challenges still lay ahead for VR, but the immersive tech is hitting the mainstream market in 2018!
  • VRX series events are purpose-built to provide companies with a platform to take advantage of the opportunities arising and address the inevitable challenges. Bringing together the world’s leading content creators, commercial leaders and respected analysts and experts, VRX Europe 2018 will be the best opportunity for those looking to position their business at the forefront of this new platform revolution.

With massive investment continuing to come from many of the biggest venture capitalists, major tech juggernauts, media giants, game developers and large-scale enterprises, it’s clear this is no passing fad. As market consolidation begins across the European and global markets, there is massive growth and aspiring leaders must educate themselves in order to stand out in the crowd.

VR is proving itself as the 4th wave of computing and revolutionizing the way we work, play and socialize in an increasingly digitized and connected world. As the technology develops month on month and inspiring experiences are being created by industries from pharma to transport, this new medium is the way of the future – And your business could be leading that change!

Come to VRX Europe 2018 to hear about the latest advances and innovations in immersive tech and capitalize on real opportunities arising as the market matures.

Featuring the World-class Speakers From Across VR Industry:

  • Explore the race to mass-adoption and what’s holding it back – Experts relay the most current statistics on where the market will be in 2, 5 & 10 years
  • Determine where the real opportunity is for VR/AR – with insight on market consolidation and how to stand out as immersive tech reaches the consumer market
  • Make your product a success – Overcome content discoverability challenges and understand how standardization will impact that way you do business
  • Take away successful strategies from the US & Asian VR market and target what the European market must do to reach this standard across enterprise and consumer
  • Uncover the key to engaging your audience and gaining buy-in – from both enterprise and start-up perspective, find out what your pitch is missing and how to improve adoption;

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