Virgin – Depart The Everyday | Simon French | FMX 2019

What do you do when you need to shoot a plane taking off in a storm and then flying through beautiful fluffy clouds at golden hour, but you don’t have a plane, a helicopter, a runway, or control of the weather? We take you through from concept and previs to final shots.

Electric Theatre Collective

Previously Head of CG / Creative Director at Framestore, Simon established his career in VFX working closely with highly regarded commercial directing duo Dom and Nic on projects such as the multi-award winning Chemical Brother’s ‘The Salmon Dance’ and Shelter’s ‘House of Cards’ campaign which went on to achieve meteoric success and become one of the most awarded commercial spots of the year.

Simon has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a VFX supervisor and CG lead with over 14 years experience. Simon was VFX supervisor and led the digital re-creation of Audrey Hepburn on the technically challenging ‘Galaxy Chauffeur’, which broke new ground for digital humans in the commercials world. Simon has worked closely with renowned director Danny Kleinman on many more projects including: James Bond ‘Spectre’ title sequence, Audi ‘Leap of Faith’, and most recently creating a photoreal lion head for the 2017 Mercedes S-Class commercial which received 2 VES nominations. In addition to Simon’s creative eye, he also brings with him a comprehensive technical skill set, building bespoke tools and pipelines that can be put in place to tackle the most complex of projects.

Electric Theatre is an award-winning collective comprised of a super-talented, diverse bunch of artists, makers and innovators. We’re obsessed with producing the most creative, visionary and quality work in the industry. In 7 years we’ve grown from 4 people to having studios in London, LA and Bristol. Electric is home to the best talent in the business, across all visual creativity disciplines; CGI, 2D, animation and colour grading. Since setting up shop in 2011, Electric has established itself as one of the world’s foremost VFX companies garnering accolades globally.

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