VFX in VR: Designing MINIMUM MASS with Houdini and Unreal Engine | Sunny Teich | Houdini Hive J…

Effects Artist Sunny Teich talks about her experience of bringing a film sensibility to real-time as the VFX Designer for MINIMUM MASS (2020), a short cinematic VR experience developed in UE4 for the Oculus Rift-S. MINIMUM MASS was selected for the 2020 Tribeca/Cannes XR Showcase, was in competition at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, and won the 2020 Annecy Cristal for Best VR Work.

Sunny Teich is a Senior Effects Artist and teaching fellow for the Master of Design Technology program at Victoria University of Wellington. Over the course of her career in the film industry, she developed an expertise in simulation, while working on feature films at major international studios including Disney Animation, Sony Imageworks and Weta Digital. In 2011, she was Weta’s Lead Technical Director in the development of a revolutionary facial simulation technique first seen in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. From 2014 to 2018, Sunny worked as a Lead Effects Technical Director for Framestore London, where she spearheaded an effort to move the fire workflow towards a more physically based model of simulation. Her current research surrounds the interplay between the limitations of real-time effects simulation and narrative design.

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