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Upcoming Events and Meetups for YGD

Hey all!

I just wanted to send out a few updates for #YGD that you may or may not be aware of:

Newsletter Post Requests

It’s already the middle of the month! Oh my! So I’m asking for anyone who would like to write a paragraph or two for our May Newsletter! Please email your drafts with any images to You can write about your experience, a game you want to promote or whatever… also, you don’t have to be local to just Youngstown… We love to hear about all of our members! Remember, our name is in Youngstown, but we are an online community of game developers making the game dev scene a little easier for everyone to be a part of 😀

A New Meetup Spot in Youngstown

Also, we just signed to become a part of the Oak Hill Collaborative. It is a Youngstown South Side launch house that focuses on tech. There are many other groups that participate, including NEOACM. Besides offering us a place to host some hack nights, they offer 3D printers for us to use, workshops outside of game dev, and so much more. We don’t have our official date to start our Oak Hill Hack Night, but it will most likely be once a month on Tuesdays. So keep an eye out for when we officially announce our dates!

Giving Back to Our Community

Besides doing game development, many of you may have noticed that I put a meetup to participate in helping the Boys and Girls Club in Youngstown on Saturday, April 29th from 8 am – 1 pm. Youngstown has given us our home, so I thought we could give a little back by helping out the Boys and Girls Club… and maybe introduce ourselves to some other Youngstown groups, possibly gain a few new members and get a little sunshine. So, RSVP, and I’ll see you there. Remember the law of alchemy, that you must give back equally to what you take 

Ludum Dare

CLeGameCoOp still hasn’t announced a location for Friday”s Ludum Dare Start, so I believe we will host our own in downtown Youngstown at Rye’s Craft Beer and Whiskey on Federal. Should be a fun night, so RSVP and I’ll see you there this Friday! Real quick, Ludum Dare is another game jam, but a little different than the one we host. We will start the first night by meeting up and discussing some game ideas and assign our roles for our jam.. then the rest of the weekend we will all work remotely from our homes, or wherever. I believe Ludum Dare deadline for the final game is Monday, so we will upload whatever we have done on Monday. See you this Friday!

Tech Talk with Drund

Oh, and one other meetup.. a Tech Talk in Boardman with Drund! If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up now! We’ll learn about mobile app development and make some fun new friends! That’s Thursday, April 27th in the evening.

Welpers…. That’s it… A lot of fun stuff going on. See you all there!

<3 Kendra

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