Unreal Engine 4.20

Unreal Engine 4.20 delivers on our promises to give developers the scalable tools they need to succeed.

Create a future-focused mobile game, explore the new Niagara VFX editor, breathe life into photorealistic digital humans, and take advantage of workflow optimizations on all platforms.

Unreal Engine 4.20 mobile
Unreal Engine 4.20 mobile

Unreal Engine Mobile Improvements

We have dramatically improved the mobile experience by releasing 100+ optimizations built for Fortnite on iOS and Android. These upgrades take UE4 mobile performance and shippability to a whole new level.

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Unreal Engine 4.20 New Proxy LOD System
Unreal Engine 4.20 New Proxy LOD System

New Proxy LOD System

The new Proxy LOD tool, which was essential for shipping Fortnite on mobile, provides massive performance advantages by reducing rendering cost due to poly count, draw calls, and material complexity. Proxy LOD delivers significant gains when optimizing content for mobile and console platforms.

Check out the LOD documentation

Unreal Engine 4.20 Niagara VFX Editor
Unreal Engine 4.20 Niagara VFX Editor

Niagara VFX Editor

The Niagara visual effects (VFX) Editor is now available as an Early Access plugin!

Try out an early access version of the all-new visual effects tool that will eventually replace Unreal Cascade.

Learn more about Niagara VFX Editor

Notes from Epic Games Blog

“You can now build life-like digital characters and believable worlds with unparalleled realism. Take your visual effects to the next level with Unreal Engine’s new Niagara particle editor to add amazing detail to all aspects of your project. Use the new Digital Humans technology powering the “Meet Mike” and “Siren” demos to raise the bar on realism. With the new Cinematic Depth of Field, you can achieve cinema-quality camera effects in real-time.”

Unreal Engine 4.20 brings well over 100 mobile optimizations developed for Fortnite on iOS and Android, marking a major shift for developers in terms of ability to more easily ship games and seamlessly optimize gameplay across platforms.”

Kendra’s Thoughts

So, based on Epic’s recent decision to give more money to asset creators in their store to boost their store inventory and all of the changes above, I think Epic is working towards being #1 in the indie game development world. They seem to be working towards taking a larger portion of the indie dev pie from Unity.

What do you think?

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