University of Akron Launches eSports Broadcasting Course

Game Development, Game Art, and Game Design have all become a part of college courses in the last 15 or so years. With the rise in video game popularity, it only makes sense that colleges start offering degrees for the industry.

But new micro-industry, that is basically a mix of sports and playing video games has emerged in the U.S. in the past few years. With its rising popularity, there’s no surprise that colleges want to offer courses for that industry.

The University of Akron, OH has started offering a course called eSports Broadcasting. Similar to Sports Broadcasting, the course offers students the tools to learn how to operate the required cameras and broadcasting equipment to run a live showing of an eSports competition.

The Difference from Sports to eSports Broadcasting

You might be thinking, well what’s the difference between Sports Broadcasting and eSports Broadcasting?

Probably the most obvious difference is the fact that eSports players are stationary. The broadcasting team needs to know how to make a live broadcast exciting for local viewers to watch. Instead of following players on a field or court, they tap into the players’ computer monitors while they are executing an exciting play or demolishing another team’s member.

Everything is done behind the scenes, and truly, you only need live camera feeds when you break out to show the stage where the teams are playing or to show the audience that comes to watch.

Similarities, Yes?

Of course, there are some similarities. The broadcasting equipment used to switch between feeds and cameras is very similar, if not the same that most Sports Broadcasting studios would use.

Some of the equipment they use includes:

  • television cameras
  • graphics
  • special effects.

eSports in Ohio

With the Major League Gaming arena in Columbus, OH and many of the Ohio schools launching their own eSports teams, it’s smart for U of A to offer this program. Students need to be ready for what’s next, and eSports is definitely growing in popularity across the U.S.

U of A announced its eSports program last year and will start offering scholarships this fall for varsity video game players. It’s only a matter of time before NCAA jumps in to make it an official college sport, which will help many of the colleges and universities find a standard path to compete in. This is also great for the pro leagues, allowing for a growth in the number of pro teams and will offer the pro teams a chance to see some American Pro Players and Broadcasters shine at what they do best.

Click here to check out University of Akron, their eSports Broadcasting course, and other courses they offer.

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