Unity + Houdini = GameDev Power

Check out some of the games developed recently using Houdini and Unity in combination – using Houdini Engine to leverage Houdini’s procedural art inside of Unity… learn more here: https://sidefx.co/2OGCd9w – and more info on the plug-in here: https://sidefx.co/2VxIO7k

Blade Runner – Magnopus
Building Scene – Marina Bade
Ary and the Secret of Seasons – Exiin
Fifty Two – Populus Run
Super Karts – Space Ape Games
Trailmakers – Flashbulb Games
KIN – House of Secrets
Suki & the Shadow Klaw – Feline Arts
Marshmallow Melee – TriHelix
Physics Painter Tool – Houdini
PolyReduce Tool – Houdini
Zero Dark Gravity – Skyway Interactive

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