Unity for Beginners – Join Mike Geig on this Livestream May 3!

Hey there party people. This is Mike Geig, your host for Your First Game Jam. If you’re new to Unity or have been thinking about giving it a go, this free online event is a must for you: https://ole.unity.com/yfgj-karting-yt-promo

With the support of expert game dev content creators, Soaryn and Roman Papush, we’ll help you start creating with Unity and answer your questions. Get all the details and set a reminder over on the event page: https://ole.unity.com/yfgj-karting-yt-promo

See what we’re already working on:
Play Mike’s game: https://ole.unity.com/Mike-ro-Machines
Play Roman’s game: https://ole.unity.com/Romans-Awesome-Kart-Game

Also, make sure to check out me and the co-hosts on our socials to find out more about us!

Mike Geig: http://ole.unity.com/tweet-to-MikeGeig
Soaryn: http://ole.unity.com/tweet-to-soaryn117
Roman Papush: http://ole.unity.com/RomanPapushYouTube
Elena: http://ole.unity.com/tweet-to-ElenaUnity3d

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