unity fellowship program 2017

Unity: Call for Applications – Global Fellowship Program 2017

Global Fellowship Program 2017

Unity is looking for 2 graduates in Unity’s first graduate research fellowship program, held in conjunction with Unity’s AI & Machine Learning Group and Unity Labs.

The fellowship program will give the research fellows a $30,000 grant each to work for 6 months on exploratory research related to state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms for interactive entertainment content authoring.

Deep Learning and Unity

Unity has identified deep learning as one of the research areas that are changing the game development content authoring pipelines. Unity’s next generation of content creation tools and workflows incorporate machine learning to improve the Unity editor usability, and developer/ artist game development workflow(s).

Fellowship Application Details

Unity is soliciting applications from individual graduate researchers interested to address these next generation research challenges in reinforcement learning and deep learning generative nets for games.

In evaluating each application, the selection committee weighs three factors:

    • The sample demo/ project submitted
    • The student’s experience
    • The extent the fellowship will contribute to advancing their research or career in games


Award details

    • $30,000 grant for 6 months
    • Visit SF headquarters to present your research


Application Deadline

The application deadline is September 9, 2017.

Apply Here!

Contact Unity with Questions

Got any questions? Feel free to write to Unity at research@unity3d.com.

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