Unity 3D Game Art Challenge

EDIT: This Challenge is over. For more game dev competitions, awards, contests, etc. click here.

Unity and the Game Developers Conference have announced a partnership on an environmental 3D art contest for Unity engine creators, with the winners to be displayed at a GDC co-organized showcase at the March 2018 event in San Francisco. Free contest entry is now open.

They are looking for the most beautiful and skillfully created 3D game environments produced in the Unity engine. Judges will be rating the submitted games – which can be created for any game platform – based on the modeling, animation, and special effects of the 3D environments displayed in the videos, screenshots, and playable demos submitted.

The most spectacular worlds will win their creators All Access and Expo Passes to GDC 2018, and have their games displayed all week at a special Unity lounge at the event, with entry open to all GDC pass-holders. Click here for the full rules.

The judges of the ‘Unity 3D Game Art Challenge’ contest include notables from the world of video game art/design and key Unity staff. The entry deadline is December 31st, 2017 and the twelve winners will be notified in late January 2018.



How much does it cost to enter?

There is no cost to enter the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge contest.

What are the criteria for winning?

They are simply looking for ‘the most beautiful and skillfully created 3D game environments produced in the Unity engine’. You should submit a build of – or downloads codes to – your game alongside trailers and screenshots, to give us a better idea of the art that your game has. Judges are looking for the titles with the best modeling, animation, and special effects. (Your game doesn’t have to have a full 3D camera system as long as the assets are in 3D.)

What do the winners get?

The 12 winners of the contest will receive All Access passes and Expo passes to attend Game Developers Conference 2018.

Where is the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge showcase lounge?

The lounge is directly adjacent to the busy registration area in Moscone West and will be open from Monday through Friday of the event (March 19th-23rd, 2018) – precisely where tens of thousands of attendees pass through. Winners will need to make themselves available to demonstrate their game during the week.

Where are the full rules?

The full rules are here.

What’s the deadline?

The deadline to submit to the contest is December 31st, 2017. No late submissions will be accepted.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact info@3dgameartchallenge.com for more information.

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  1. Hi, I’m Italian,My name is Roberto Ferrari
    I’m late….after 3 years working there, I created a game, using unity3d,I think it’s very very nice ,it is still possible to participate in the competition,
    this work of mine could be the turning point of my life.
    Sorry for my english and thank you

    1. Hi Roberto,
      We are not hosting the competition. We posted this post to inform you about the competition. Please click on the link in the post to find out more about the competition and maybe contact the company sponsoring and hosting the competition.

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