Unity 2D Collision Workshop: McDonough Meetup

2D Character Collision Unity 3D

This month, Kendra will be continuing from last month’s demo workshop on how to move a 2D character around your screen using Unity 3D. We will be going over 2D Collision, –  and some gravity.

So bring your laptops, or just come to watch and ask questions.

Things to bring for the workshop:

* Your laptop (please do not bring your desktops.. there’s no place for them in the auditorium)

* A mouse for your laptop

* Make sure Unity is installed on your laptop and is running at least version 5.4.

We will also be talking about all the fun cool stuff that happened at this year’s GDEx! Kendra of Eimear Studios’ is hosting her first booth, and we can discuss the guerrilla marketing that the YGD members had fun doing throughout the expo.

See you there!


*This meetup will be recorded and eventually place on YouTube.


Sunday, October 2, 2016



McDonough Museum

525 Wick Ave, Youngstown, OH (edit map)

What Do You Need?

You can just bring yourself, if you want, but you could also bring your laptop to follow along with the workshop.

Please, do not bring your desktop. There is no space for it in the auditorium of McDonough.

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