Two tricks to make your Procedural Shading Workflow more Efficient | Oliver Markowski | SIGGRAPH…

Oliver will show you two techniques that made the procedural shading workflow at RISE much more efficient. First, he will talk about old-school texture-bombing. Even though this technique has been around for decades, it is massively under-utilized because there is no out-of-the-box support for it in any render-package. Oliver will demonstrate the RISE texture-bomber on two shots from the Amazon series “Beat” and show you how to implement it in VEX. In the second part you will learn how RISE implemented a fully automated texture-baking process for large scale production scenes. It consists of VOP nodes that define bake-points in your shading-tree, a SOP node to setup the bake and a bit of python that analyzes your current scene and builds up all the necessary baketexture ROPs.

Oliver Markowski is the CG Supervisor at RISE | Visual Effects Studios’ Munich facility. Before joining the RISE team, Oliver previously worked as a Freelancer for notable companies including Scanline, Trixter, Mackevision and Framestore. Oliver is an active board member of the German section of the Visual Effects Society and a proud self-dubbed geek who builds gadgets like his own low-budget mini light-stage for face scanning in his spare time.


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