Twitch: Rigging new poses in Spine

Learn how to rig meshes for new poses in your animations in this festive stream! Read more on the Spine blog:

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This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch.

Video chapters:
00:01 Introduction
02:07 Bones creation and tips
04:22 Alt-pose-animation creation
04:53 Setup pose meshes creation and weights

09:41 Activate all the new images in setup
10:25 New meshes creation
11:20 Bind all the new meshes to the root
11:57 Activate the new meshes in the alternative setup pose
12:40 Align the bones to the new images
14:58 Additional hand bone creation
15:45 Parent the new meshes to the bones while in the alternative setup animation
17:14 Test and change the weights in a test animation
18:32 Thumbs up animation example
20:49 Edit the weights mid-animation

21:20 How to edit the mesh to add or remove vertices

23:40 Hand-holder bone weight to simulate arm perspective

25:13 How to add bones to be used specifically with the new meshes

27:30 Conclusion

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