Twitch: Rigging in Spine Pt. 3

Original broadcast: 15 March 2018

Reupload — Watch live at

00:00:10 Stream start
00:01:55 Duplicating the rigged arm – with explanation
00:08:55 Redoing the path – with explanation
(hint: removing the weights solved the problem)
00:13:45 Redoing the arm linked mesh
00:14:45 Changing the color of the slot to make it darker
00:21:03 Attempting to copy the leg
00:49:03 Successfully copying the leg
00:53:56 The moment the noise ends! I’m terribly sorry – Erika
00:56:00 Making the leg stretch along with the path
00:58:45 Finishing the eyes
01:35:49 Fixing the back strap of the backpack
01:49:15 Setting the first keys in Animate mode
01:53:01 Adding a control for the feet
01:58:15 Moving it to the right position and weights
01:06:43 Leg IK
02:09:40 Moving the ribbon to a different slot
02:10:50 Replicating the missing bones on the other leg
02:18:05 Creating the second IK on the leg
02:15:10 Replicating the weights on the second leg
02:28:18 Girl feet weights
02:33:11 More animation
03:38:40 Back from pause with tea
03:50:58 Fixing the foot ribbons

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