Twitch: Rigging in Spine Pt. 2

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

00:00:06 Stream start
00:04:03 Explanation of the face 2.5D system
00:05:18 Explanation of the bones that move the hat
00:06:38 Rigging his hat – how meshes work
00:08:33 Taking a peek at her hat for reference
00:10:14 Rigging his hat – mesh creation
00:13:30 Rigging his hat – weights painting
00:26:10 Fixing his nose so that it follows the head control
00:27:48 Creating a linked mesh that connects her head base with his
00:29:20 Deforming the hair in the back
00:34:20 Fixing his ear so that it follows the head deformation
00:36:00 adding a control for the bangs in front of his ear
00:40:40 More of his hair, the front bangs
00:58:40 Making his harm stretch along with the bone instead of having the same size
01:12:20 Backpack 2.5D rigging
01:26:06 Creating a rectangle in photoshop for the backpack, then adding an image to the project
01:32:36 “I’ll make a mesh out of him” aka adding the rectangle patch to the backpack
01:35:20 We use the Preview View to check the correct placing of the patch
01:38:10 We use Update bindings to fix the weights of the patch while it’s in a different position
01:40:00 Changing the mesh of the backback to fix the border a little bit
01:44:10 Rigging the side pocket of the backpack
01:58:41 Rigging her bag in 2.5D style
02:25:30 Creating a mesh for her scarf
02:31:40 Binding her scarf and adding weights
02:39:20 Rigging the strap of his backpack so that it sticks to his shoulder and the backpack
02:46:00 Doing the two long straps of her bag
02:57:40 Parenting the hair strands
02:58:55 Creating bones for the zips
03:01:34 Creating bones for her hair
03:04:30 Creating and weighting the meshes for her hair
03:34:33 Making the pupils move more than the irises
03:49:50 Creating meshes for the lower and upper eyelid
04:01:30 Reordering the slots, then making a copy of the hair so that we have a transparent see-through effect on the hair.

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