Twitch: Rigging Helmet Pt. 3

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This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch.

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Art by Natalia Marcos and Siniša “Sinke” Mataić.


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Video chapters:

00:01 Introduction

**Finishing the 2.5 face effect**

01:25 Finishing the 2.5 face
02:11 Cheek weights
03:54 Eye weights fine-tuning
04:26 Ears weights fine-tuning
05:00 Face weights fine-tuning
05:40 Alternate mouths reparenting

**Rigging the South East direction**

06:40 Select and activate the images of the SE direction
08:00 Explanation of the procedure
09:04 Turnaround animation creation
10:00 Example of the procedure on the eyebrow
12:40 Why the stored binding position of the mesh is important
14:03 How to deal with simple attachments for alternate positions
15:00 It is possible to use the search bar in the tree to select all of the alternative images
15:50 Turning all of the attachments into meshes
16:00 Creating meshes for the SE direction images
20:00 Adjusting the draw order in the turnaround animation
23:25 Binding every mesh of the new direction to the root in Setup mode
24:00 Matching the bones in animate mode to the new direction

28:07 IK constraint for the legs creation
29:18 Trick to reposition an IK so that it doesn’t bend in an animation

32:01 Binding the bones in the new position to the SE meshes and removing the root

32:32 Recap of the stream
33:50 Why this setup has many advantages and suggestions of use

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