Twitch: Rigging Helmet Pt. 2

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This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch.

Downloadable project (start):

Downloadable project (end):

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Art by Natalia Marcos and Siniša “Sinke” Mataić.


Follow Erika live as she creates assets for Spine on Twitch:
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Video chapters:

00:01 Introduction
01:50 Mirroring bones on the eye
04:55 Mirroring the cheek bone
05:58 Creating the mesh for the left ear
07:00 Left ear bones mirroring
08:30 Left ear weights
11:20 Right arm mesh
12:45 Right arm weights
13:22 Left leg mesh
15:10 Leg structure duplicate
15:30 Renaming bones using Regular Expressions RegEx
17:58 Mirroring the leg bones
19:00 Right leg mesh
19:56 Both legs weights
22:35 Mirroring the arm bones
25:33 Left arm mesh
27:00 Left shoulder IK
28:10 Effects bone creation
28:50 Eyebrow bone mirroring
29:40 Head control explanation and setup
32:50 Head mesh
35:13 Head weights
38:00 Eye-white meshes
39:00 Features holder bone setup
42:00 Nose mesh
44:00 Nose weights
45:50 Chin mesh and bone
47:00 Chin weights
49:00 Mouth and teeth meshes
51:16 Final result of the stream

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