Twitch: Rigging Clothes in Spine – a.k.a. rigger’s HELL Pt.1

We continue with the two dudes we started the playlist with
And on user’s request, we started tackling difficoult rigs!

00:00:07 Introduction

**Adding new skins to an existing project**
00:05:40 Json import
00:07:20 Find and replace to change paths in the existing skin copy
00:15:00 Deleting unused parts of the skin
00:17:15 Dragging the new skin parts in the original skeleton
00:21:00 Reordering and parenting new attachments
00:31:19 Importing the second skin attachments

**Rigging a large, short, floaty skirt**
00:37:40 Mesh creation
00:49:57 Planning the bones
00:54:12 Bones creation
01:05:25 Skirt mesh binding
01:13:55 Testing the auto weights
01:16:25 Manually adjusting some weights
01:17:46 Adding two transform constraints
01:22:45 Underskirt mesh binding
01:26:34 Manually adjusting some weights for the underskirt

**Rigging the red cloack and arm**
01:30:02 Planning the rig
01:36:16 Rigging the arms
01:56:02 Cloack mesh creation
02:00:33 Bones creation
02:04:05 Creating a shoulder bone
02:07:58 Creating a shoulder transform constraint
02:21:51 Adjusting the weights
02:37:21 Adding a bone to help with rotation
02:44:29 Cloack-behind mesh creation
02:47:44 Removing a point and adjusting weights
02:57:55 Bone creation for the cloack behind (and animal chat)
03:05:58 Mesh binding and weighting

**Rigging a long dress**
03:23:36 Mesh creation
03:31:38 Bones creation
03:34:50 Mesh binding and weighting

We’ll finish this in next stream!:D check the schedule down here:

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