Twitch: Last stream of the year! Update bindings on frame animations

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:31 Comparison with 8-direction-chara project
0:07:20 Resuming organization on the elements-boy
0:08:30 Applying different colors to the attachments in Spine
0:26:14 Two different ways of importing a reference for the new direction
0:23:00 Turnaround animation creation
0:37:32 Alternate leg mesh
0:39:10 Binding the leg
0:41:54 First brief explanation of Update bindings for a mew pose
0:46:32 Discussing the rig of a bent leg reusing the same bones
0:48:42 Setting all the keyframes active in a dummy animation for the south-east walk
0:54:50 Stretchy IK creation
0:57:37 Fixing the bending of the IK for the current animation
0:58:05 Matching the bones with the frames of the animations
1:02:22 Binding all the legs to the correct bones, plus a bone that doesn’t move
1:04:13 Using update bindings to add a bone to an already rigged leg from an alternate pose
1:06:51 Explaining Update bindings on the more bent leg
1:08:55 Applying update bindings on the more stretched away leg frame
1:10:10 Fine-tuning the weights by scrubbing through the animation
1:15:08 Creating a new test animation for the frontal South walk
1:18:24 A comparison with the original frame-by-frame animation
1:20:24 Activating all the frames in a sequence
1:21:06 Creating meshes for all the front legs
1:28:11 Binding all the bones to each leg mesh
1:31:20 Realigning the bones to match the frames in the animation
1:35:22 Explaining update bindings while applying it to the first front leg frame
1:51:22 Applying Update bindings on another leg frame that has no foot
1:55:30 A preview of the animation
1:58:30 Showing the skins panel
2:02:50 Using the new Skin placeholder creation options in a basic skin so that all the linked meshes are in the same skin

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