Twitch: From frame-to-frame to Spine! Pt. 2

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0:00:00 Introduction

*Video overlay export for OBS*
0:04:44 Exporting the video of a dancing tree for OBS overlay
0:07:33 Adding the exported video to OBS

0:09:54 Snow assets creation
0:13:36 Snow Json import in Spine
0:17:15 Snow animation
0:51:10 Snow export and placing on stream

*Photoshop organization*
0:53:30 Resuming the PSD organization of the Elements boy – south east
1:57:50 modifying the hair and feet to get the north east direction
2:10:20 Photoshop export

*Spine rigging*
2:15:27 JSON import in Spine and reordering some layers
2:29:38 grouping all the symbols under the correct skin placeholders
2:35:58 Arm mesh creation
2:37:31 First bones creation
2:43:13 Arm weights
2:51:10 Duplicating and mirroring the arm
2:53:54 Leg mesh creation
2:59:16 Leg bones creation
3:03:00 Leg weights

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