Twitch: Animating Delilah – Call of Guardians loading screen – Pt.2 Final

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Video chapters:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:45 Head mesh
0:20:59 Head binding
0:21:03 Transform constraint creation
0:23:49 Dummy animation creation and weights
1:07:07 Separating a bone that has animation from the constraint
1:12:31 Update bindings explained
1:13:27 Update bindings demostration
1:17:55 Actual head animation
1:28:59 Arm behind mesh
1:31:43 Arm behind binding and weights
1:49:07 Background chains
1:56:32 More background chains meshes
1:59:34 Background chains binding and meshes
2:05:22 Foreground shards
2:17:12 Blue Crystal mesh
2:27:53 Crystal pink rays effect
2:44:33 Foreground smoke animation
3:10:45 Background shards animation
3:23:18 Smoke swirl
3:35:14 Statue animation
3:40:29 Smoke swirl side
3:47:44 Final result

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