Twitch: 404 page animation – Spineboy rig

In this video Erika sets the rig to simulate depth on Spineboy in Spine.
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This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch.

Downloadable project:

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Art by Siniša “Sinke” Mataić.

Follow Erika live as she creates assets for Spine on Twitch:
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Video chapters:

00:01 Introduction
04:32 A nice trick to expand and collapse all the nodes quickly
05:30 Setting the two main bones that control Spineboy’s motion
08:34 Body mesh creation and explanation of where to place vertices
12:14 Head mesh creation and explanation of where to place vertices
14:22 Answering how to decide where to use yellow lines on meshes
16:50 Test animation creation
19:40 Binding the head mesh
22:13 Using compensation and update bindings on an already weighted mesh
23:20 Binding the body mesh and setting weights
24:53 Answering how to approach images with the intent of making them move in 2.5D
27:40 Feet bones creation
28:35 Feet and legs meshes creation
33:23 Feet and legs weights
36:20 Adding influence of front control instead of the feet bones to avoid the legs detaching from the body when moving the feet bones
37:08 Scale and rotation trick on 2.5D weighted meshes
39:30 Arms meshes and weights
43:35 End of stream result and chat

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