Top Five Features in Houdini 17.5 | Jeff Wagner | FMX 2019

Houdini 17.5 is out and has some nice new features to help TDs and TAs do their day to day work. There will be an exploration of new and modified SOPs and other node types, UI improvements, VEX and scripting updates, and of course PilotPDG and TOPs are bound to be on the list. All the features will be related to production needs so you can take advantage of these features in your work and tools.

JEFF WAGNER | Senior Technical Consultant

Jeff “Old School” Wagner has been a part of the SideFX Software support team from the early days of PRISMS leading up to today’s Houdini. Over the years he has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and insight and is regarded by many as a true Houdini Guru. If you’ve encountered him online or watched one of the tutorials then now is the opportunity to meet him in person.

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