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Top 4 Dark Souls 3 Fighting Strategies

Dark Souls III is a game that makes you focus every step of the way unless you want to watch the series’ catchphrase “You Died”.

Having this in mind, I thought about letting you guys know four strategies that will give you an easier time completing the game.
Granted hardcore players won’t like the idea behind these choices, but if you’re just an average gamer who is having a difficult time or just someone on his first playthrough ever, well this is the post for you.

Dark Souls III Screenshot
Dark Souls III Screenshot – Source: Instageek.com

Choosing to Become a Pyromancer:

Pyromancers are universally known to have an easier time completing the game. Most hardcore gamers scoff at Pyros because they’re so “easy”.
Make no mistake as even though it will make your game slightly easier and offer versatility, it is still a balanced class that you need to master. The greatest strength of the pyromancer is PvE because in PvP you’ll hardly see them and if you do so you’ll see why they aren’t common.

Spear and Shield: Spartan Style!

Another strategy you may find works for you is to use a spear and a shield, Spartan style.

Using these two equipment types gives you something other players will lack at times – stability. In Dark Souls, you’ll usually be rolling around on the ground while fighting, and always on the move.

This can be hectic for someone new to the game, and if you find it to be so, then spear and shield will give you good versatility and stability since you can turtle more and roll less. Again, even though it certainly has benefits, you need to practice in order to make perfect. If you wish to give this tactic a go, check the dark souls 3 wiki entry on “Partizan Spear” and “Plank Shield” and switch the “Plank Shield” to “Caduceus Round Shield” when you can.

Dark Souls III Screenshot
Dark Souls III Screenshot – Source: Instageek.com

The Scholar Method: Research and Apply

Now, this method can be considered cheating, but most people do it even if only at times.

This strategy has you going to the web to discover the “Attack Patterns” of the mobs before attempting to fight them. When you see their attack pattern explanations, you use the info to dodge the few first ones until you see them all – then you’re prepared to fight, we the knowledge you won by studying the patterns and the info you got on seeing them first hand. I can guarantee 90% Dark Souls players have done this.

The Deep Fried Fighter:

Why call it deep fried? Because you’ll be spending all your time rolling around much like you roll your ingredients in flour before frying them.

This strategy is very popular; as it works, you simply roll whenever you’re not attacking. This means you won’t spend much time blocking, parrying, standing and all of that – but rolling on the ground.

Dark Souls III Screenshot
Dark Souls III Screenshot – Source: Instageek.com

What does this give you?

It gives you an opportunity to look for the best time to strike. For this technique, you simply need to be a master at controlling camera angles so you always get the best look at whatever it is that surrounds you so you can see that weak spot clearing up for a strike.

In Conclusion:

These four techniques will take practice, but they will get you far if you’re having trouble with the game.

On the other hand, if I had to advise you on the easiest way to clear the game, then it would be to use the “Research” method along with choosing a Pyromancer… just don’t hope to do much on the PvP side of the game.

I hope you liked the article and found value on it if you have any more tactics you think should belong in this list, then let us know down on the comments section so other readers can also see them.

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