Tips of Using Laptop and Its Guidelines

In this we will be discussing about the guidelines of the laptop and the tips of using laptop in good way. To know more about laptop and its guidelines do find here at


  1. Screen diagonal


How large should the screen of your laptop be? The screen diagonal of a laptop is super important and is shown in inches: 13-inch, 15-inch, 17 inch, … The more inches, the bigger the screen and the bigger the laptop is.


Are you on the road a lot and will you often take your laptop to school to take notes during classes? Then it’s best to opt for a laptop between 13 and 15-inches. These are easy to take with you. 13 inch is about an A4 sheet in size and is on the small side when you use your laptop intensively (for example for photo editing).

  1. Screen resolution


The resolution indicates how sharp the screen image is. The higher the resolution, the better the quality and the sharper the image. The resolution is determined by the number of pixels in the image. The more pixels, the more detail and the sharper the image of your laptop.


Choose which resolution?


HD ready (1280 x 720 pixels) or HD + (1600 x 900) is sufficient if you will largely use your laptop for surfing, mailing and creating tasks in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

With a Full HD laptop (1920 x 1080 pixels) you can enjoy watching films and series and edit your photos and videos.

4K or Ultra HD is one step further and is 4x sharper than Full HD. The range of laptops with 4K screens is constantly expanding. Fine and precise work such as digital drawing? A 4K laptop is ideal for you.

A laptop with IPS panel is not a superfluous luxury. These laptops show clearer colors, larger contrasts and a larger viewing angle.



  1. Touchscreen


We stay at the screen with this last point. Do you choose a touchscreen or not? If your laptop has touchscreen functionality you don’t have to worry if you have forgotten the mouse and you have to work with the (often difficult) touchpad of your laptop. With your fingers you select text very quickly, switch between programs and save a lot of time.

Are you on the road very often and do you want to continue working comfortably along the way? With a 2-in-1 laptop you get the benefits of a powerful laptop and a compact tablet.


  1. Processor


The processor is the core or engine of your laptop, performs numerous calculations and thus ensures the speed of your laptop. Which you need depends on what and how intensively you will use your new laptop.


For daily use, multitasking and tasks that do not burden the processor much, an AMD, Intel Celerion or Intel Core i3 processor is sufficient.

Do you need your laptop to edit photos and videos? Then you need a processor with a lot of computing power such as an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor.

Purebred gamers opt for an Intel Core i7 processor in combination with at least 8 GB of RAM and a high-quality graphics card


  1. Graphics card


The <a href=””>graphic card</a> in your laptop ensures that (moving) images are displayed smoothly and without annoying interruptions. When you make a lot of gamet, 3D drawings or edit photos and videos, it is therefore worth paying extra attention to the graphics card. There are Best Graphics Card Under 100


For most of us who use their laptop for school work, presentations, emails, surfing and occasionally watching a series or film, the graphic card is less important. Our laptops are in any case equipped with the best parts for a pleasant user experience. There are Best Cheap Graphics Card at low cost


  1. Storage


The storage capacity indicates how many gigabytes of memory is available and how much you can store on your laptop. Many laptops have a whopping 256 GB of storage space. That is more than sufficient for standard schoolwork. When working with a lot of heavy files (such as photos and videos) you better opt for a laptop with more storage space. We have laptops in our range with 1 TB or more storage capacity!


Today almost all laptops have an SSD hard drive. Compared to traditional hard disks, your laptop will start up much faster, you can switch more easily between open programs and your laptop will save files (even large ones) faster. An SSD drive is therefore not a superfluous luxury.



  1. Internal memory


The working memory or RAM of a laptop is also important. The more gigabytes, the faster your laptop works. Most laptops in our range have a RAM of 4, 8 or 16 GB. For most, a RAM of 4 GB is sufficient to fulfil school tasks without any problems. For photo and video editing you better choose a little more memory.


  1. Battery autonomy


If you will often take your laptop to school, on the train or to work, a long battery life is a bonus. In the auditoriums at the university or university of applied sciences sockets are not always provided and cables get tangled (especially during transport). Most laptops easily get 8 hours of autonomy and there is even a battery life of 10 to 12 hours.


  1. Weight


Laptops used to be bulky and heavy. Fortunately, that has changed and laptops are getting thinner and lighter. Handy when you have to take your laptop with you every day. Choose a laptop of up to 2 kg to save yourself from a lot of grind work.


  1. Gamer


In addition to work and studies, there is of course also room for relaxation. Are you an avid gamer? Then you need a laptop with a powerful processor, sufficient RAM and a strong video card with which you can play for hours at the highest level and also do your schoolwork. A 15-inch screen is useful to take your laptop with you everywhere.


MSI laptops are ideal for purebred gamers and also suitable for heavy work such as video editing. The HP Omen laptops are also designed for the real gamers. Gaming laptops are equipped with various special features including an illuminated keyboard.


  1. Operating system


Which operating system do you choose? Microsoft Windows or Macintosh from Apple? The operating system or operating system (OS) of your laptop or computer is the main program that controls all other software and hardware. Laptops with Windows are the most sold and there is also a larger offer at different brands: Acer, Asus, HP, MSI, … Windows and MacOS have a completely different look and feel and interface. For example, settings in Word are in a slightly different place, buttons look different, there are other shortcuts, … Whichever you choose depends on your preference. Keep in mind that MacOS cannot be installed on a standard MSI, HP, Acer, etc. laptop.


Do you choose an Apple laptop? Then for a basic laptop you already come in a higher price range, but due to the higher resolution of the screen (Retina), these laptops are ideal for photo and video editing.


  1. Price


Of course, the budget also plays an important role. There is a high-quality laptop for everyone’s budget.


The thinnest and lightest laptops and laptops with touchscreen are in the higher price range. The number of GBs of storage space, the presence of an SSD hard disk, the processor, autonomy and the size and resolution of the screen also play a role in determining the price of the laptop.




One last tip:

Don’t forget to buy a laptop bag or cover to protect your new laptop when you take it with you everywhere. A laptop bag or cover protects your laptop against scratches and bumps and you can store extras such as courses, accessories, … in the bag.

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