Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for NieR: Automata

Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for NieR: Automata

Hey Xbox Gamers, Welcome to NieR: Automata. It is the year 11,945 AD. Aliens have invaded Earth with a machine army, forcing the human race to flee to the moon. But Humanity hasn’t completely left Earth behind! To help ward off the invaders, they’ve created a force of androids named “YoRHa”– and you start off as one of these Androids, named 2B. Don’t be fooled by the serious look of this game because it gets pretty weird. However, all of us here at Tips and Tricks love weird, so here are 5 Tips for your journey through this 3D, top-down, side-scrolling, twinstick, open-world, action RPG.

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