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TIGA responds to Impact of COVID-19 on education

On 28 May 2020, TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, responded to the Education Committee’s inquiry into the impact of coronavirus on the education sector, with a particular focus on how the crisis has affected higher education service providers and students.

In its response, TIGA collated feedback from its higher education members as to how they have been affected by the crisis, and what steps they would like to be taken to help them weather the coronavirus storm.

Key issues raised in TIGA’s inquiry response

  • Access to hardware
  • Access to software
  • Difficulties with remote working
  • Student welfare
  • Higher education policy – including maintaining university finance in the upcoming academic year
  • Access to free cloud rendering
  • Access to source control

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA

“The UK video games industry needs a high skilled workforce if it is to continue to grow, expand, and succeed. TIGA’s response to the Education Committee’s inquiry outlines the key issues facing the higher education sector at this time and outlines some suggestions for the Government to consider in order to enable games students at university to continue to study effectively.

“It is important that students have access to the software and equipment that they need to complete their work. Student welfare is also a prime concern for universities and support measures for students who are adapting to working from home are imperative. Universities are also concerned about the student uptake for the upcoming academic year, and how university finances will remain stable if this uptake falls.

“TIGA welcomes the steps that the Government has taken so far to mitigate the impact of coronavirus crisis on the sector, but there remain outstanding challenges for the sector in the face of COVID-19.”

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