The Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event

The Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event

Shenzhen, China, 11/05/2020 – Today Tencent GWB is happy to announce that submissions are open for the Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event. The Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event is an opportunity for developers to pitch their ideas or demos to an evaluation team at Tencent, with the opportunity to receive support bringing their game to market.

GWB Director Yunmi states

“We are looking for games that show a new take in the PvP field, something that surprises us and takes PvP games in a new direction. We’re excited to see the creativity out there and are eager to offer our support to the best ideas.”

In order to submit games, participating teams should go to and submit their demo or pitch. After a one-month submission period (running from the 11th of May until the 11th of June) there will be a two-step review process and successful teams will be contacted.

The evaluation committee includes developers and management staff from some of the most successful PvP games in the world, with hundreds of millions of peak monthly users. These include Steven Liang, Director of PUBG Mobile, and Waren Huang, Senior Game Operations in the Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG).

Successful teams are eligible for

  • Investment Support
  • Delivery Support
  • Publishing Support
  • ….And more!

Tencent GWB has access to an expert group consisting of more than 200 highly-experienced development staff, ready to help and assist teams. Their insight and expertise cover all manner of game development areas, from UI design to Combat Balance. As the leading global platform for game development, publishing, and game operation, Tencent Games is uniquely placed to help games come to market and deliver on their potential.

For more information about the event and the opportunities on offer, teams should go to [link]. For the latest news about the Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event, teams should also make sure to follow the Tencent GWB Twitter (@TencentGWB) and Facebook accounts (

Submit games to:

About Tencent GWB

Tencent GWB is a group within Tencent Games and the Tencent Institute of Games which runs the Tencent GWB Support Plan. The Support Plan is an all-year activity built to offer independent developers the opportunity to receive a consultation, technical support, financial aid, publishing support, or partnership connections from Tencent. As part of its responsibilities, Tencent GWB also runs a competition and supplementary activities such as the Tencent GWB Game Awards. All events and activities are focusing on helping and elevating teams in the indie game community.

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