Welcome to the new ZBrushCentral!

We’re very excited to have you experience this entirely new way of connecting with your fellow ZBrush users. And we do mean connecting! We have built the new ZBC from the ground up with an emphasis not only on making it even easier to showcase your artwork but also to be able to interact with other artists no matter what device you happen to be using at the moment. Desktop, tablet or phone – they all work equally well.

Because this incarnation of ZBC is an entirely new system, we are in the process of migrating all of the history from the ZBrushCentral forum. This will take time, though. Initially, only the last year has been migrated, as well as all Top Row threads.

Please note that if you have posted during the past couple of days, those posts will not be included. Please re-upload any images and/or posts in the new forum.

All posts from the original ZBrushCentral are still available for viewing on the ZBC Archive.
Over the coming weeks we will be migrating those threads to the new ZBrushCentral forum, fleshing out user galleries and making it possible to reply to those threads again, but on the new ZBrushCentral.

Once again: WELCOME! We are incredibly excited to see what you do with the new ZBrushCentral, and watch you continue grow as a friendly and dynamic digital art community.

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