The Complete SNES: Collector’s Book and Ultimate Guide Being Published

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Hagen’s Alley Book to Publish Massive Definitive Edition of Super Nintendo Book “The Complete SNES: Collector’s Book and Ultimate Guide”

The Complete SNES

The book contains over 600 pages covering a vast range of games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, including unique releases in other regions and brand new SNES games created from scratch. Contribution from passionate writers and YouTube content creators, written and edited by Award-Winning journalist and former Retrogaming Times Monthly scribe Jeffrey Wittenhagen.

So here it is. Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s “The Complete SNES. His OCD madness ensues and you are all to blame! After the success of the Complete NES collector’s book Collector’s Book and Ultimate Guide,  Wittenhagen did a poll with all the backers and there was an outcry for a Super Nintendo book. Apparently, there has never been a comprehensive book about the SNES released to date. Well, there is definitely nothing wrong with being the first one to do it! However, never to be content with just continuing with what he previously released and just doing another system, Witthagen decided to tweak the formula a bit.

While the Complete SNES will still have the collector’s format from the previous book, Wittenhagen also expanded the overall scope to include Unlicensed games and sections on PAL exclusives, Unreleased games, Holy Grails and even brand new Homebrew games! This will not only answer some of the requests from the last book’s campaign but will also prevent imitators from simply putting out a book with marginal extra content and calling it their own a few months after mine comes out. That being said, this book continues his passion, which is anything and everything related to video games.

“Throughout the creation of this book I have received feedback, both constructive, and not-so-much, from my previous releases,” Wittenhagen said. “However, I take every kind of feedback that anyone ever provides me and I try to apply it to my future projects in order to make them that much better. Even the harshest critics and trolls can offer something positive to future projects!  Besides for all the extra sections, one major thing I focused on was a more uniform review format, as with the last book I got a little creative with some of the more popular games, which received a lot of criticism. I figured that people would appreciate that I didn’t write the typical review about popular games like Contra or Legend of Zelda, however, a few people just didn’t get what I was going for.

“The format of this book, and for all other books in the “Complete” series, will keep the minimalistic format. Also, the reviews will remain short and concise. What I am going for here with my book releases is for them all to be a quick read, which is perfect for a coffee table book, or for a conversation piece. I am not trying to do convoluted reviews with pages of details that a majority of people will have to look up. I’d rather give you a short and sweet synopsis of what the game is about and let you decide whether or not you should play it or add it to your collection.”

As you delve into this book you might notice there are various sets of initials after game reviews. These are from all of the community contributors that have been extremely helpful with review contributions during the final parts of the book creation process. This not only helped me get the book out faster but also gives the book a unique flavor, as everyone has their own style of writing. Those of you who backed this book on Kickstarter likely know a few of these individuals, but for everyone else, all the contributor’s bios are in the back of the book so you can see what they are all involved in around the retro gaming community.

“The Complete SNES: Collector’s Book and Ultimate Guide” is currently scheduled for launch on Kickstarter this October.

For More on the Book, Head to HagensAlley.com, or follow the author on his social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hagensalley

Twitter: @GamingVGBS

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesubcon3

About Jeffrey Wittenhagen:

Jeffrey Wittenhagen is an avid retro video game collector and gamer. He has written and published an award-winning gaming book called Hidden Treasures, soon to be re-released as Hidden Gaming Gems: Generation by Generation, the Kickstarter smash hit The Complete NES and is an NES Homebrew expert with a huge collection of extremely limited items. He also runs convention panels all over the world.

He is always working on tons of projects in the gaming community and puts forth a ton of passion behind them. Keeping things personal and grassroots is extremely important as a lot is lost when things become commercialized.

Since the late 90s, Jeffrey has written in the field of video games, from being a contributor to one of the first online gaming magazines, Retrogaming Times Monthly, so running review-based websites Hagen’s Horror Haven, Serial Slasher Inc and the Video Game Masters Club.

About Hagen’s Alley Books:

Fairly new to the publishing world out of sheer necessity for author Jeffrey Wittenhagen due to the necessary expansion that happened through the demand of his books, Hagen’s Alley Books aims to take what it is to be a book publisher and modernizes it; offering flexible help to get modern day, self-starting authors’ works out there for the maximum amount of people to see and enjoy.  Hagen’s Alley Books doesn’t micromanage its clients, we just offer whatever each person needs. From help raising funds to industry-standard formatting, editing, and marketing, it is extremely important in this day and age to understand each and every aspect.

Instead of being a traditional publisher, that handles the entire process and takes a huge chunk of the book earnings, Hagen’s Alley Books offers to provide guidance to content creators and help them out as much as they need for their product to become a success. This way people get the help they need to get their books out there, streamlined to their own unique style.

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