Terrain Tools | Rajendra Khirodkar | Toronto Houdini User Group (THUG) | March 2019

SideFX Environment Artist intern Rajendra Khirodkar demonstrates one approach to Terrain Generation Workflow in Houdini, showing the latest Heightfield tools like HF Erode 2.0 and HF Scatter 2.0.

He will also cover the techniques used in his Island project, such as generating and laying out island geometry, non-destructive and “collision-aware” scattering, as well as shading and rendering.

*The blue banding and colouration that you see in the viewport was due to the capture device used; we chose to use the captured session instead of re-recording, for the purpose of retaining audience questions, which may be useful for others.

Scene files: sidefx.com/tutorials/terrain-tools-rajendra-khirodkar-toronto-houdini-user-group-thug-march-2019

[Recorded at the Toronto Houdini User Group, hosted at SideFX HQ on March 28, 2019]

00:00 Intro
02:26 General Heightfield tools overview (Noise)
06:01 Heightfield Mask
10:09 Heightfield Distort
11:50 Heightfield Erode
18:26 Heightfield Scattering (1.0 vs 2.0)
38:48 Island project breakdown
51:10 Terrain Materials
53:26 Scattering (assets placement+assembly)
1:01:25 Texturing workaround (distortion-free!)
1:07:31 Working with satellite scan data
1:08:40 H17.5 Heightfield Cut-Out

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