Terrain Painting & Material Changes – #23 Creating A Survival Horror (Unreal Engine 4)

This is episode 23 of our series going over how we can create a survival horror game using Unreal Engine 4 from scratch. We’ll be going over how to create various mechanics built around the game.

In today’s episode we add some extra detail to our terrain, adjusting our material for a more realistic and also add in the dirt paths for the player to walk through.

We go over a variety of material functions to get a more realistic look such as normal maps, specularity and adjusting landscape coordinate UVs!

Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial Series:

Survival Horror Game Assets:
Download Link – http://bit.ly/2ebwN4h

Blueprints Creations Series

Next Video
In the next video we’ll be bringing our level further to life!

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