Terrain Generation | Ari Danesh | GDC 2019

Ari explores Houdini’s terrain tools with a focus on new erosion models for higher quality results and hierarchical scattering for populating the terrain. He will also look at ways that Machine Learning can be utilized to take terrain generation to the next level.

More GDC Houdini talks: https://sidefx.co/2NAUzpC

Ari Danesh is the Lead Instructor at SideFX. Before working at SideFX he taught Interactive Design at the university level for 12 years. He started his career working as a Software Engineer in the defense industry designing displays and then leading a VR research department for real time Command and Control systems during the first generation of VR applications. His current focus is on Generative Art, Natural Environments, Procedural and Object Based Systems. At SideFX besides teaching clients, he dabbles in designing terrain tools.

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