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Monthly Meetup

Hey! Great hack night meetup on Thursday! We talked a lot about some of the projects we are working on, showed off some animations, and even went off topic towards Marvel vs DC movies and “How irritating it is waiting for the last Game of Thrones book”. And then we ended with surprise pie. Yum!!

September Monthly Meetup Cancelled

We definitely had a good time on Thursday. That being said, I took a vote and basically, it seems like everyone has plans this weekend and will be unable to attend the Sunday Meetup. So, since we were just going over the next Game Jam we are hosting and travel plans for the Game Dev Expo in Columbus, this month’s Meetup will be canceled. We will start off with a bang in October with a to be announced workshop.

Answer My Question!

Also, I need you all to answer this questions with as many answers as you want.

What would you like to learn about game development?

Your answer can be anything to do with game development; from How to publish a game in the Play Store, to how to make a character turn-around. Please send me some answers!

See you all at October’s meetup!


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