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Adventure is on the menu as you enter an entirely new world fashioned by Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of the Bokujō Monogatari series (published under the names Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons outside of Japan).

The story-driven gameplay features a balance of three elements:

Manage your café – Run your own café by preparing tasty dishes, serving your customers, and managing a colourful cast of eccentric staff and visitors.

Explore the world – Discover an entirely new world filled with wildlife, secrets, and dangers while collecting ingredients and recipes to enhance your café menu.

Raise a Dragon – Care for and train your very own dragon as it grows from baby to adult. Explore, hunt, and uncover new areas with your faithful companion.

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Hey guys,

We’ve got are hands on the awesome new gameplay trailer for Hometown Story coming the Nintendo 3DS. The game is looking more beautiful every time we see it and we can’t wait to get stuck into the real thing 😀 Enjoy!

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Rising Star Games, TOYBOX and Natsume Inc are happy to announce a new, inspired IP.

Developed by Yasuhiro Wada, the “Father of Harvest Moon,” and his studio, TOYBOX in Tokyo, Japan, Hometown Story is a joyful tale which takes players to a fantastic new world full of colour and fun. With characters designed by Atsuko Nishida, the artist behind Pokemon and music composed by Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame, the collective talent bringing this game alive on 3DS and other mobile platforms guarantees that it will delight gamers.Read More →