In 2008, Houdini artists have created an impressive portfolio of commercial and feature film work. The visual effects and animation projects come from all over the world and feature renowned studios such as Pysop, Asylum, Rising Sun Pictures, Rhythm and Hues, and The Mill. For an HD version of thisRead More →

Houdini 9.5’s new fire and smoke tools were used to create this volume fluid simulation of a camp fire. The new DSD (Detonation Shock Dynamics) microsolver was used to simulate the flames and Houdini’s new Ramp parameter was used to control the fire’s changing colors. Point lights were instanced throughoutRead More →

This fire effect was created in Houdini 9.5 using volume fluids. The flaming ball was rolled into shot where it’s temperature attributes spread onto the fuel causing even more fire to ignite. Point lights were instanced throughout the fire to simulate its glow.Read More →

This video shows the technique taught in 3D World Issue 104. Titled Wash and Dry, the tutorial explores the use of fluids to make fur wet using particles, attribute transfer and wire dynamics. This lesson was inspired by Alvin Yap’s (gallenwolf) wet bunny example.Read More →