One of the biggest competitive advantages you can get in PUBG Mobile is better movement control, recoil management, and aim. Today we are going to look at how I took a massive leap forward in my gameplay simply by altering the way I held my device and changing to a more “hands-on” approach.

I’m going to go in depth on my claw grip, how and why I have it set up, sensitivity advice and a whole lot more.

Hope you enjoy it and take away some kind of game improvement 🙂

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Yanrique slaying zombies with the new M134 minigun that will be introduced in version 0.11.0!

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FPP is my favorite form of the game it requires focus, and a dynamic style of gameplay, it also requires a lot of knowledge if you want to max it out!

Today I’m going to break down the absolute must-have info you need to plug in your FPP gameplay and supercharge it into something that gets the blood pumping.

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Rock on amigos!
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Wicked Gaming and Hotjukes try out Hotsprings/Cantra on the new Vikendi Map and show you that there is actual good loot on the new map for v0.10.0

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Drop-In, Gear Up and Throw Down in #therealbattleground on mobile.

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