On March 25-27, join us for the Houdini HIVE GameDev – with educational and inspiring presentations by both SideFX technical experts and industry professionals. More info here: https://sidefx.co/3b1fJrq This 2020 games reel highlights yet another year of outstanding work by the crazy talented artists from game studios of all sizes,Read More →

In this tutorial I’ll go over the basics of vertex color gradient based animation for Unreal Engine 4. Vertex color gradient animation is the practice of creating animation using vertex shader offsets with various math functions modulated by the vertex colors. We’ll start by creating a basic butterfly wing flappingRead More →

Check out some of the games developed recently using Houdini and Unity in combination – using Houdini Engine to leverage Houdini’s procedural art inside of Unity… learn more here: https://sidefx.co/2OGCd9w – and more info on the plug-in here: https://sidefx.co/2VxIO7k VIDEO CREDITS: Blade Runner – Magnopus Building Scene – Marina BadeRead More →

In this masterclass, Cameron White covers the new RBD-related features in Houdini 17. Cameron begins with constraints – particularly, soft constraints, along with some useful new options in Glue Constraint. He continues with SOPs – Convex Decomposition – as well as some useful utility SOPs like Extract Centroid, Extract Transform,Read More →

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