Here’s a look at some of the amazing games and VR projects that Houdini artists have been working on! Coming to GDC 2017? Visit our booth or Houdini SkillDev Workshop – more info here: REEL CREDITS: Adrian Lazar Planet Alpha 31 Axis Animation Dawn of War III eXiin AryRead More →

NOTE – skip-less version can be found here: There were some technical issues with the internet that evening, which caused some skipping in this version of the video. On February 6, 2017, SideFX hosted the launch of Houdini 16 Amarok, at the Rich Mix Cinemas in London. The SideFXRead More →

SPLICE is a post-production studio based in Minneapolis, with a focus on episodic TV and commercials. They started offering visual effects 5 years ago, and had to evaluate which software tools to build their pipeline with. Rather than wrestle with a large mix of platforms and plug-ins, they decided toRead More →

Jump into the fascinating mind of Jeff Wagner where he’ll show you his unique perspectives on learning and using Houdini. To utilize Houdini to its fullest it’s important to start with an understanding of Houdini’s architecture. It’s also the best way to take your Houdini skills to the next levelRead More →

Andreas Giesen and Simon Ohler talk to SideFX about Houdini and the RISE Visual Effects Studio pipeline – including discussion about their recent work on The Man From UNCLE and Captain America Civil War.Read More →

This session will introduce you to the power and ease-of-use of FLIP fluids in Houdini. SideFX’s Senior Technology Consultant Jeff Wagner takes you through key FLIP concepts, including FLIP and colliders, FLIP small scale simulations, large scale ocean simulations. WORKING FILES: More →

We speak with some of the innovative artists using Houdini to create rich, immersive virtual worlds. Speakers include Kevin Mack (ShapeSpaceVR), Nick Young (MachinEyes), Mike Murdock (TriHelix), Robert Chen (Oculus Story Studio), and Jordan Halsey (VR Playhouse).Read More →

As the Pipeline Manager at Zoic Studios, Sarah McGee helps to identify and remove bottlenecks in the pipeline, and evaluates graphic tools to make production flow as efficiently as possible. In 2014, when Zoic decided to take their effects capabilities to the next level, they selected Houdini as their go-toRead More →

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