Learn how the the artists at PIXOMONDO brought the movie MIDWAY to life. Using the power of Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs) the artists were able to share explosions, flak, fire, water splashes and more across teams, studios and shots. Hear how they used Houdini Engine for Maya to give theRead More →

Created by LA-based studios An Orange Door and Master of Shapes, VR Go-Karts is a virtual reality driving experience, where the driver interacts with a real-time virtual environment in in Unreal Engine using a VR headset – all the while moving through physical space in a real go-kart that isRead More →

This masterclass will cover new Vellum constraint features in Houdini 18, some of which are workflow enhancements. This includes automatically computing mass and thickness based on density, making it easier to work with geometry of different resolutions. Normalizing stress computations over substeps, will save you the hassle of having toRead More →

Animal Logic’s Adam Katz outlines how their team built and automated their Character FX pipeline. When production began on Peter Rabbit in 2017, Animal Logic had the unique opportunity to build their Character FX cloth and fur toolset from scratch. Faced with many technical and artistic challenges, the team hadRead More →

Luke Gravett, Associate FX Supervisor at Animal Logic discusses their push to simplify and unify their pipeline workflow processes by moving fully to Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) format, including the use of Houdini’s new Solaris lighting tools.Read More →

Not all feathers are created equal. Learn how Alt.VFX from Brisbane, Australia hired a SideFX intern who had developed a feather tool. They then worked with him to adapt it to their requirements for their clients Toyota and Bank of Melbourne, to add plumage to both a robin and aRead More →

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